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Questions and Answers

Beer before my presentation?

I have a big presentation next week, every time i present, i get nervous and my voice would become shaky..i'm really not very good at presentations..i was first thinking of drinking red bull before my presentation but many ppl told me that red bull instead makes you nervous during presentation, so when i researched alittle bit, i found that alcohol can make u calm and relax before presentation..idk if its true, but can i use one can of beer before my presentation? Comments.

Posted by Matt Cameron
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I answered your other question saying you should drink alcohol my self, i know what you mean because i am nervous about presenting my self if you are going to drink i suggest having at least 2 beers because 1 is not going to do much at all. And if you do decide to drink have some chewing gum after and spray some deodorant so no one smells it.

PS: it does make you more confident/less nervous……no argument about that.

Birthday present of beer?

I've got a very good college aged friend whose birthday is coming up. He fancies himself to be quite the beer drinker and over the course of this semester has sampled more beer than I have in my life. The point is that I think it would be a great birthday present to get him a six pack of some beer he has never tried before so I am looking for suggestions. To give you a baseline of the types of beer that should be considered I'll tell you what he has been drinking. Blue Moon, Sam Adams, Bud, Miller, Guinness, Corona, Molson, and Heineken. So while obviously he has a good sampling there is nothing too exotic so I would like to get him something a bit more interesting. The other thing is that it must be available for purchase either online or in Virginia because I am not going to travel to a Tibetan monastery to get a six pack of beer. Thanks is advance.

Posted by Sid
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Any beer from Bells, Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, Leinenkugles, Dog Fish Head, Arrogant Bastard Ale (these last two are IPA's so they are very Hoppy if he likes that). I like all those. Should be able to get any of those in a big grocery store, or online if not in the store.

Mother's day present or beer?

I only had £25 spends until my next benefit payment comes, so i had a choice of mother's day prezzie or beer and fags. I decided to choose beer and fags, told my mum i got a cold and it was not fair on her to come around and visit. Would you have done the same?

Posted by xxx666xxx
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No you only have one Mother and I expect she has done plenty for you in the passed and a small gift would show a thank you . She knows you are not working so wouldn't expect a lot just a card and a small bunch of flowers from the super market or petrol station would be nice and you would still have money for a fag and may be a cheeper beer but that way you have managed both and not been greedy and only thinking about your self.

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