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Questions and Answers

Why is root beer……?

Why is root beer called root beer?
Is it beer for lil kids is it made of roots?

Posted by Ponyboy[C4]
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Root beer –

Root: Root beer was originally made from the roots of sassafras and/or sarsparilla. Hence the name "root," although these flavors are artificially made (sometimes with all natural ingredients) due to potential carcinogenic effects of sassafras root.

Beer: Root beer foams up when poured and the foam resembles beer. It was also originally served from casks that force carbonated similar to early ales.

Beer calories vs beer carbs?

Some low carb beers have only 2-3 grams of carbs (Michelob Ultra, Bud Select, etc.) while "normal" light beers can have as much as 10g of carbs, -yet the calorie content is only slightly different. How can this be?

Do lower carb beers have higher protein or alcohol contents to give them a few extra calories?

Posted by Lawrence
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Calories in beer come mostly from two sources: Alcohol and the carbohydrates from the malt or grains used to make the beer.

Fermentation converts the carbs to alcohol, but not all of it. Some beers (e.g. Craft beers) are designed to have a lot of carbs left over to provide flavor.

Low-carb beers start with less carbs and aim to have high efficiency of conversion to alcohol, so not many carbs are left.

Light beers also start with less carbs but worry less about high efficiency of conversion, so they have a little more taste. However, it's still p!$$-beer.

The calories in Ultra and light beers range from 95 to 110, the alcohol by volume (ABV) is typically 4.1% to 4.2%. Some great craft beers are 200-300 calories and ABVs up to 9% and well beyond, and they taste GREAT. What's important with beer, remember, is QUALITY, not quantity (IMHO).

Beer or licquer?

Would u rather have beer or liquer??
I drink licqer.

Posted by brybry
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Beer…specifically ales. Stouts, IPAs, Barleywines, dubels, Quads, Wits…you name it. I love them. And you don't need a mixer or splash of water to make it taste good.



You do realize that a serving of 40%/80 proof liquor and a serving of 5% beer have exactly the same amount of actual alcohol in them.

1.5oz / 40% = 0.6oz ethanol alcohol

12oz / 5% = 0.6oz ethanol alcohol

Still don't believe me? Check the math…or search alcohol equivalence.

And to everyone who doesn't like the taste of beer…STOP DRINKING BAD BEER. Including but not limited to:

Bud Light
MGD Light
Miller Lite
Coors Light

PBR is acceptable… PBR almost tastes like real beer.

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Peroni Beer Nastro Azzurro

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