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Women, girls, are you ok with your bf drinking beer or any other type of alcohol?

My gf freaks out when I drink. I can not even have an occasional beer:(

Posted by D
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My partner doesn't drink at all so we have no issues with alcohol

however – if he wanted to have a drink, it's his choice…

Drink responsibly and there's no issues.

Ask your girlfriend why she freaks out about you having the occasional beer, try to find some ground to stand on, and get her reasons, if they aren't good reasons, then you simply tell her that she doesn't need to freak out about you having a beer once in a while.

What do guys think about girls who drink beer?

I don't ever get drunk- I honestly just really like the way it tastes! But a lot of my girl friends say that it's unfeminine and gross. I don't want to change who I am for anyone, but do guys feel the same way about a girl who appreciates a pint every now and then?

Posted by GypsyLady4
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Why now? If you like the taste of it and are not slurping it down and belching loudly, then there is nothing wrong with having the odd pint.
Some people are hung up on the old fashioned idea that beer is a working class, working man's drink.
With all the boutique breweries and fine ales that are around these days, this is an outmoded concept.

Why don't girls drink beer?

Why do I never hear or see girls drinking and talking about drinking beer like guys do?
Actually im thirty little man, next time you wanna talk trash post it on some other little boys question ok?

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Beer is fattening and girls are, above all else, concerned about how they look.

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Beer-drinking Nepali girls!

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